The Appeal of Relocatable Homes for Modern Families

In recent years, relocatable homes have risen in popularity as the go-to solution for modern families who’d love to own a home, but don’t want to be tied to any one location! After all, if new educational or work opportunities pop up, it would be a shame not to chase them – and with a relocatable home, you don’t even have to leave your beloved property behind. But, what’s the real appeal behind relocatable homes? Are they worth the fuss of excavation and transport? This blog explores these issues, below.

1. Their flexibility

Of course, the major appeal behind relocatable homes is their flexibility! All relocated houses for sale can be moved anywhere throughout New Zealand, as long as their new location has passed all inspections and meets local building regulations. The new land should always be flat, stable and prepared with new foundations in advance.

You’re not limited to the work or lifestyle changes you can make because your NZ house moves with you. This is especially meaningful for people whose home may have sentimental meaning in itself, or for families who don’t wish to live apart for job opportunities.

2. Their cost-effectiveness

Relocatable homes are very cost-effective, and far more affordable than traditional homes in New Zealand at this time. This is true for their initial costs, and the ongoing maintenance regarding their upkeep.

Even moving a relocatable home from one site to another is an investment quickly repaid by the convenience of your new location – especially if you’re moving for work or education! Of course, if affording a relocatable home in the long-term is a concern, experts like Uplifting Homes can offer practical and trustworthy advice about the costs you can expect to face.

3. The speed of construction

Because relocatable homes are constructed off-site, they are often much quicker to build and install than other properties. You don’t have to wait very long to move in, and these homes are as durable, attractive and resilient as any!

They’re also extremely customisable. Many homeowners are looking into relocatable homes from scratch because their designs can be altered to meet specific family needs and preferences. If you require extra bedrooms, for example, the right company can meet this desire without compromising their efficient construction process.

At Uplifting Homes, we provide a number of relocated houses for sale across Auckland and greater New Zealand. These houses are high-quality, adaptable and simple to shift across the picturesque North Island. Reach out to the Uplifting team for more information about our relocatable properties, today! We proudly assist customers in a great range of house removal and relocation services.

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