A Comprehensive Guide to House Removals for Relocation

House removals for relocation are too often overlooked as a service for prospective New Zealand homeowners.

Relocatable homes, like the kind provided by Uplifting Homes, offer a cost-effective alternative to traditional home ownership, and can be removed and transported anywhere as long as you enlist professional help!

Whether you do or do not own a relocatable home, there may be a specialised house removal and relocation service for you. Live on the land you’ve always dreamed about, and don’t let your current location stop you!  If you want to know more about how house removals work when it comes to complexities like disconnecting your utilities and uprooting foundations, read on for more.

1. Site Evaluation

The current site of your home and the new location where you’d like to live must be assessed for suitability before anything remotely occurs! Professionals have to determine whether the soil at your new spot is stable, whether the site is accessible, and if it is wholly compliant to local building regulations. Only when your new location passes muster will you be able to proceed with the house removal.

2. Permits and Regulations

There is a thorough process of submitting a building consent application prior to house removals for relocation. If you want to shift a building from one site to another, these steps are non-negotiable. Auckland Council outline some of the intricacies of house relocation in this area, here. Because removing and relocating a home can be extremely hazardous, following standard procedure is extremely important.

3. Disconnecting Utilities and Foundation Work

Once you’ve acquired the permits you need and your home is structurally able to withstand moving, the exciting work can truly happen! A major part of a house removal for relocation service is disconnecting the utilities – gas, water and electricity included – of your home, and then excavating around your home’s foundations. Excavating around the foundations enables experts to effectively detach your house using steel beams and hydraulic jacks. This equipment is a must; without them, your property wouldn’t move an inch.

4. Lifting and Loading

When your home has been properly disconnected and excavated, hydraulic jacks are once again used to lift your house onto a specialised trailer. Your house will be secured to this trailer as tightly as possible, before following a pre-planned transport route to reach your new location safely.

This location will be prepared well in advance, with a level and stable ground underneath a new foundation ready to meet your house’s specifications!

At Uplifting Homes, we provide expert house removal and relocation services for customers moving their properties across Auckland and beyond. No matter how far you’d like to move your property, our professionals can assist. We even sell quality houses for removal and relocation across North Island!

To find out more about house removals for relocation with us, please contact a member of the team today.

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