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Don’t pay for demolition… We can pay you! Contact Uplifting Homes for fast, all-inclusive house removals

We buy and remove houses throughout the upper north island of New Zealand, completing reliable house removals across Auckland and the Waikato district. 

At Uplifting Homes, we pride ourselves on our exceptional service, making sure that all of our customers are well looked after and receive the very best solutions every time. If you’re looking for a reliable, professional house removalists company that can offer you a swift, comprehensive service and a fair price for your home, look no further!

Uplifting Homes guarantees you…

  • A firm, generous purchase price
  • Removal in a set timeframe
  • Friendly and professional service, compliant with industry standards and fit for your specific removal

Fast and guaranteed NZ house removals

Once we’ve viewed your house, we come back to you with an expression of interest in buying and removing your house. If we decide to buy the house, we will give you a written guarantee for the removal date. Together with our panel of experts, you deal with Uplifting Homes every step of the way.

We need a minimum of 3 months for us to list, sell and remove the house from the property, or transport it to one of our storage facilities.

All types of houses removed

We will look at any homes. The more value to us, the more we pay you. We can move most houses except homes with a full concrete floor.

For an appraisal, contact us today.

We take away the hassle

Uplifting Homes will arrange all transport permits and work with you to arrange service disconnections. We can also sort out site clearance and asbestos removal and can connect you to other specialists to help you get your development underway.

If you’re planning a property development or you simply want to clear your site, you can contact the building & house removalists team at Uplifting Homes today to request a quote for your home.

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