Selling Or Renting Out Your Home? Consider Relocating Instead!

Are you looking to move home? One obvious thing to do in this situation is sell the existing house. Alternatively, you might be happy to keep it but rent it out. The rental market could be buoyant in the local area, especially if it has a consistent influx of students and young professionals.

However, there is also a third option, one you might not have realised was a practical option at all: relocating the home.

Yes, that’s right: it can be physically uprooted before being taken to a new plot of land and firmly planted there. Now, quite a few questions could be running through your mind…

“What Are The Other Options Again?”

If you attempted to sell the home, it’s possible that it wouldn’t fetch quite as high a price as you were expecting (or hoping for). After all, why do you want to move out of the area? It might be because it doesn’t offer enough exciting career opportunities or it’s simply too far away from your place of work.

For the same reasons, the property may attract few takers on the rental market. Even if you do get some interested prospective tenants, they might be so low in number that you struggle to weed out ‘undesirable’ ones who would pose too great a risk of damaging the property or falling behind with rent.

“Why Would I Want to Keep Exactly the Same House?”

If you have already lived in the home for quite a while, you could feel so attached to it that the prospect of leaving it behind for good is just too emotionally overwhelming.

You might even have spent a lot of time decorating or renovating the house to make it feel truly ‘yours’. The prospect of starting this process all over again with a new property could be far from appealing.

“Is It Really Possible to Physically Relocate a House?”

Yes, it’s an option with most houses — albeit not those with a full concrete floor. For customers in the central and upper areas of New Zealand’s North Island, Uplifting Homes can expertly shift residential properties; please call 0800 UPLIFT (0800 875-438) to learn more about what we do when relocating a home.

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