Why pay for house demolition? We’ll buy and remove it!

Don't pay for demolition, we can pay you!

Need to clear your property of an old house to build a new home? Why pay house demolition contractors to demolish the old house when we will pay you for it?

If you need to clear your property of an old house to build your new dream home and thought your only option was to pay house demolition contractors to demolish the old house…

House demolition

Stop. House demolition is not the only answer

We can remove your unwanted house and PAY YOU for it

That old house you once loved and cherished could be recycled for a new family to enjoy. There is no need to have it needlessly destroyed. Why waste money on house demolition companies when we remove your unwanted house and pay you for it?

Villa Pirongia

House removal vs. house demolition

The end result for both house removal and house demolition is the same — your old house is cleared away from your land, and you now have the space you need to build your new home. The difference between the two is the costs involved. 

With house removal, you can clear away your old home and make money in the process. Demolishing a house, however, comes at a price.

The cost of demolition

The economic disparity between demolishing a house and removing it can make all the difference when deciding which option is best for you. House demolition companies can cost NZ homeowners thousands of dollars, and with the demolished materials almost always ending up in landfill, the cost to the environment can be even greater. 

With the environmental and economic costs for demolition being so high and with so many people looking to purchase second-hand homes, removal has swiftly become a very popular choice.

House relocation: the better way to do things

Not only will Uplifting Homes pay you for the old house you need gone, but we’ll also take it away for you. Instead of leaving you with a hole in your wallet and rubble to sweep up, our removalists will clear away your house and pay you for the privilege. 

Overall, the cost of the demolition of a house far outweighs the preparation required to sell and relocate it. Enquire about our removal services today and find out how much you can earn by giving your old home a new lease on life!

Client testimonial

A happy client tells his story…

“I bought a property intending to build four new executive homes on it and sell them as spec homes. There was an existing house on the site – a pretty standard boomerang shaped house, probably 1960’s.

“I didn’t actually think anyone would buy it. I thought I’d have to put a bulldozer through it but I rang Uplifting Homes thinking I had nothing to lose. They said they wanted to buy it and made me an offer to take it away. I thought wow and didn’t need to get competitive prices because of what they offered me.

“Uplifting Homes saved me having to bulldoze the house and demolition costs, so it suited me fine. They actually gave me money for the house that I put toward my earthworks – a big plus. There were significant cost savings. I got rid of the house for nothing instead of having to pay maybe $15,000 to demolish it… that’s a lot.

“Instead of having to pay they gave me money, and it saved a bit of time too. There was still some demolition work to be done of the bricks where the garage was, but substantially less.

“Both Abby and Diane were very, very professional and very friendly throughout the whole process. Nothing was ever a problem… it was so easy. I was actually away when they told me they’d be moving the house on the Wednesday and the house was gone on the Wednesday. They didn’t ring me with any problems or complaints. It was really straightforward – they didn’t hassle me at all.

“I doubted that it would happen to be honest, because I couldn’t see how they’d sell it! But I had nothing to lose and I thought it’s a good perk if it does, and it did!”

David Smith
Director, Maywood Construction

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