3 Pitfalls Of Relocating Your Home (& How to Avoid Them)

What if you want to move to a particular area but can’t find the right pre-built home on the local property market? In that case, what you could do instead is buy a plot of bare land in the area and then have a building relocated to it. However, there can be unexpected problems with relocating a house.

Here is an informative guide to common pitfalls, but also how you can overcome them.

Not Having Suitable Land

The land you acquire for your new home must tick several boxes. You don’t want the land to be covered by a clause preventing a relocatable home from being placed onto it. Also, make sure you have a copy of the title to the land.

Could the house be brought here on a trailer? Is the land connected to an access road wide and clear enough to allow this passage?

Choosing a House That Can’t Be Relocated

There is no single ‘standard’ way of relocating a house, as each house is different enough to pose its own set of challenges during the process.

In fact, you could inadvertently choose a house that wouldn’t be practically possible to transfer to the particular land you have acquired for it. The property could just be too big for that land or come with a concrete floor (a classic warning sign that a home is not relocatable).

To avoid these problems, buy the property from a company that specialises in selling relocatable homes (like ourselves at Uplifting Homes!) who would be able to help you select one especially suitable for its intended destination.

Failing to Obtain the Required Consents

When you buy a relocatable home from our team here at Uplifting Homes, we can provide you with a full set of original plans for the property.

With this documentation at close hand, we can compile and file a building consent application on your behalf. We can also obtain resource consent for you if necessary.

We can sell you a relocatable home, as well as carefully deliver it to a site in the central or upper North Island. Why not browse through our website to see relocatable homes we currently offer for sale — and learn more about how to overcome various problems with relocating a house?

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