Choosing the Right Location for Your Relocatable Home

If you’ve decided to pursue the idea of house relocation, you’ll want to identify a site on which to locate your new home. This is arguably the most important consideration when investing in a relocatable home. 

First things first, to check if a location is suitable for your relocatable home you need to make sure that access to the site is unobstructed. This means that the entrance and access roads need to be wide enough to allow for a house to be transported to the site.

Another requirement is that the site is not located in an extremely high wind zone, a potential flood zone, or an area of unstable ground. 

These are the basic legal requirements when finding a location for your relocatable home, but you may also have personal requirements as well. 


The chosen location needs to offer enough surface space for the size of the property as well as a sufficient-sized garden, car parking space, and any exterior buildings such as garages or sheds. This will depend on the personal needs of the property owner. 


The chosen location needs to fit with the style of neighbourhood the property owner would prefer, whether that be sociably family-friendly or more private and reserved. 

Commuting needs

Your chosen location needs to be in an ideal place for any frequent commutes you may be making whether that be to work, or caring for a family member. There are various commutes you may want to consider when choosing the site for your relocatable home. Transport will also be a big factor when choosing a location. Is there a nearby motorway or public transport service available which will work in favour of your commuting needs? If not, you may need to re-think the site location. 

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