Demolition Isn’t Always the Answer: House Removals

If you’ve recently purchased a plot of land, chances are you’re planning to build on it. There’s just one problem: before you can build a new home, you’ve got to find a way to get rid of the old house that’s currently on your land. While having the house demolished might sound like the easiest solution, demolition can be expensive and leaves you with a lot of clearing up to do. So, what can you do if you need the old house out of the way before you get started on building the new one?

The good news is that there’s an alternative to demolition: house removal. If you’ve never heard of it before or you’re not sure how it works, you’re in the right place. At Uplifting Homes, we’re experts in house removal, and we’ve put together this guide to what it is and why you should consider it instead of demolition.

What is house removal?

House removal is the process of removing a house from a site and taking it to a new location. Sometimes, this is done when someone is moving to a new area and wants to keep their old home, or it might be a way to remove an old house in preparation for demolition.

Why is house removal a good alternative to demolition?

If you’re thinking about demolition, it’s definitely worth considering having the house removed instead. One way to get an old house off your land is to sell it and have it taken away, which should work out cheaper than having it demolished. It also saves you time, as you won’t be left with rubble to clear away post-demolition, meaning you can get on with building your new home as soon as possible. Not only this, but removal is a more sustainable option than demolition, as the house will be reused instead of being disposed of.

Can all houses be removed instead of demolished?

Most houses can be removed – the only exception is if the floor is made entirely of concrete. This means that, in the majority of cases, you have options for your old house other than demolition.

If you need a house removed and you are interested in the alternative to house demolition companies, it’s time to get in touch with us. At Uplifting Homes, we are experts in removing and relocating old houses, so don’t hesitate to give us a call today!

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