What is the difference between transportable and relocatable homes?

‘Transportable’ and ‘relocatable’ are words with similar connotations, but they both mean different things in the construction industry. The ways in which houses are constructed are rapidly evolving, and it can be difficult for Northern Aotearoa residents to keep up! Fortunately, at Uplifting Homes, we are a relocatable house company with intimate knowledge of the differences between transportable and relocatable homes. Read on for more information, below.

Transportable homes

Transportable homes are easily distinguished by the fact that they are newly-constructed in one location, and then transferred via truck to a different site. These homes are made like new builds – constructed to a homeowners exact specification, with custom features and unique design elements. Transportable homes are surprisingly customisable, since they are shifted entirely on the back of a truck!

Because transportable homes are prefabricated, often in an insulated factory setting, they aren’t subjected to the whims of Northern Aotearoa’s weather, and can be built very quickly. In as little as a few months, you could be enjoying the comfort of a transportable home in the location of your choosing.

The biggest difference, though, between transportable and relocatable homes, is the fact that transportable homes tend to only move once in their lifetime!

Relocatable homes

Relocatable homes are very rarely newly-constructed, and instead typically refer to old or traditional homes that need to be shifted from an original plot of land to somewhere new. However, relocatable homes don’t always have to be moved from one location to another permanently! They can be moved time after time, wherever a family desires.

Many relocatable homes are hardy, well-designed and with a range of amenities. They’re often extremely affordable for first-time homeowners in Northern Aotearoa, and have beautiful character features that are clear markers of an older property.

More often than not, relocatable homes are merely shifted so the original plot of land can be used for something brand-new! Although not pre-fabricated, relocatable homes are customisable with a little renovation, and have clearly been well-loved during their original lifetime.

As a relocatable house company, we at Uplifting Homes can help you move an existing home that you love elsewhere. We also advertise relocatable homes for your potential purchase. These relocatable homes free up land for other valuable uses, without destroying a beloved property. Interested in the services of a relocatable house company? Contact Uplifting Homes, today.

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