House Relocation vs Building from Scratch: Pros and Cons

If you are indecisive about whether you should build a new house or find a house relocation service where you can purchase a relocatable home instead, you have come to the right place. In this blog, we will discuss the pros and cons of house relocation versus building a house from scratch.

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Building from Scratch

Building your home from scratch can be a worthwhile investment if you are thinking about your forever home. Here are some of the pros associated with building your home from the ground up:

  • Fully customisable – designed to your style and tastes
  • Use of new materials – compared to existing houses where you might have to repair structures or others
  • Efficiency – you can incorporate energy efficient technologies and better functionality

However, there are also cons to consider:

  • Time consuming – building a house from nothing can take a long time before you are actually able to live in it; it could take months to years
  • Responsibilities and burdens – as the owner of the new home, you will be responsible for a number of different aspects when it comes to the design and construction processes; you will have to make a lot of decisions which can be stressful for those with busy lifestyles
  • Costly – aside from the obvious fact that you will need funds to build your home from scratch, there are also hidden costs when it comes to creating a bespoke home; from labour to materials, it can be expensive

House Relocation

An alternative to building your home from scratch is simply purchasing a relocatable home which can be transported and placed onto your land. With a relocatable home, you receive:

  • A ready to move in house – relocatable homes are already built and are ready to be moved into
  • A range of affordable relocatable homes to choose from
  • Opportunity to renovate the relocatable home

Meanwhile, there are drawbacks:

  • Houses aren’t customisable
  • Land is needed to re-site the house

If you are looking for a house relocation service that caters to your needs and requirements, look no further than Uplifting Homes. From buying to selling to moving relocatable homes, you can count on us for your house relocation needs. For more information on our offerings or if you have further questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us today.

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